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This service is also referred to as “on demand”, “meet me”, or “pass code” conferencing. Participants dial in, enter the conference access code, and are then connected to the call.

Operator assistance

Chairperson dials out to participants

Chairperson records conference call

Chairperson activates lecture mode deactivates

Individual participants mute line un-mutes

Chairperson locks conference call un-locks

Chairperson hears participant roll-call

Chairperson hears participant count

Steps In Recording A Conference Call:

  1. Chairperson presses “*4” after connecting to the conference call.
  2. Automated attendant will then prompt chairperson to press “1” to start conference call recording OR press “*” to cancel the recording.
  3. Automated attendant will then announce to all participants that conference call is being recorded.
  4. Within 4 hours of completion of the conference call, recording will be available via the “Account Admin Page”
Steps In Dialing Out to Participants:

  1. Chairperson presses “*1” after connecting to the conference call.
  2. Automated attendant will prompt chairperson for “telephone number” to be dialed.
  3. Chairperson enters the telephone number, followed by “#”.
  4. Automated attendant will read back the telephone number, and request the chairperson press “#” to confirm.


This service provides you with a “conference operator” on-line during the entire duration of the conference call. This operator manages the “flow” and “quality” of the call. Must be booked in advance.

List of Features:

  • Formal Operator Introduction of Speakers
  • Question and Answer Session
  • Participant List
  • Operator Call Quality Monitoring
  • Recording
  • Transcription
  • Communication Line

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